Brief Overview of the Slot Game, “Siren Song”

In Greek mythology, the Sirens were dangerous monsters that would sing enticing melodies to sailors, luring them to their deaths on their rocky island. Odysseus, the legendary traveler from Achaea, famously had his men plug their ears with beeswax and bind him to the mast so they could pass. Siren Song, a slot machine developed by Yggdrasil’s partner TrueLab Games, features several alluring characters from the story and comes with a pick-and-click bonus, free spins, and a Steering Wheel of Fortune.

Although sirens are usually found on the beach, the action of Siren Song appears to take place well below the surface, in water that is both frigid and damp. Since the animals are frequently shown with mermaid-like tails, it stands to reason that they also spent considerable time swimming in the ocean. The action takes place on a viewable five-reel grid, and there are twenty-five fixed paylines to help you win big. Siren Song’s three enchantresses float around in the background, but the movie’s somewhat dull visuals are sold by a haunting, siren-like music.

Gambling in the deep sea begins at 25 percent and may reach £/€50 each spin. According to the game’s official documentation, players can choose from three different free spins games, each with varying degrees of volatility. It’s possible to increase the RTP from its base value of 96.33% to 96.37% by purchasing the feature instead of activating it. When three or more identical tiles appear on a payline beginning with the first reel, a win is awarded.

The symbols are a mishmash of seaside debris, from the low-paying scaly J through A royals to the medium-paying quartet of luminous marine objects. The harp encrusted in barnacles is the only high paying symbol, paying out 60 times the wager for a full screen of them. Finally, the game has two different wilds: a pirate that looks like Blackbeard and a skeleton. Each is worth as much as the highest-valued normal pay symbol and can be used in lieu of it to create winning combinations.

Slot Machine’s Alluring Theme

If the pearl scatter symbol appears on reels 1, 3, and 5, the free spins bonus games in Siren Song will begin. There are eight free spins included, with different restrictions applying to each kind.

The Silver Free Spins choice is the most risky one. Every time you spin, the siren will throw anywhere from four to twenty purple fish symbols into the reels. The presence of two or more fish in the same location produces a multiplier of x2, and so on. Contrary to popular belief, fish are not a low-paying low-level symbol. Instead, they are a high-paying mid-level symbol (30 times the wager for 5 of a kind).

Emerald Free Spins is a slot game with a medium level of volatility. When skull wilds appear during this extra, they cling on the reels for the duration of the feature.

The final option, Crimson Free Spins, is the least volatile but most complicated. First, you’ll get 8 free spins during which any bonus symbols you see on the reels will be added to your total. When the spins are done, the action shifts to a screen full of chests, and the player uses the keys they’ve collected to unlock the boxes. The contents of the chests might be anything from a +1 bet multiplier to a +500 win multiplier or more keys. The game continues until all the keys have been used.

Players take a spin on the Steering Wheel of Fortune at the end of each of the three games. This is your last chance to increase your winnings from the free spins by a factor of 2–10, or to win a reward worth 5–100 times your original wager.

If a player has the option to purchase free spins, they can do so for 127.6 times their initial wager. After purchasing, a player can choose from one of the three additional games.

Slot Verdict, a Siren’s Song

You won’t need beeswax in your ears to escape this Greek tragedy unless you’re a mythology buff who has to play every slot that even hints to the classical period. There are a number of odd spots in TrueLab’s schedule, but Siren Song is among the most out of the ordinary. It exudes an ethereal air that may appeal to some, but it’s also a little strange—and not in the cool, mysterious, outsider sense. Even the language used is unusual; cassettes are often called reels, and when you win 100 times your wager, you get 100 bets instead of 100 times your bet. There must be a misunderstanding or something strange about this.

Moving on to the bonuses, the low volatility free spins option was the most fun because it lasted the longest and culminated in a choose my chests round. The advantage is that you can predict how many chests will be unlocked based on the amount of keys you have. You are free to select and click away without fear of ever seeing the dreaded “game over” icon.

None of the other options seemed really useful. With little to no incentive to come back for more, the rounds ended after a few half-price fish here and a handful sticky wilds there. Unfortunately, in Silver Spins, the fish premiums either trigger a winning combination or go in the way of other symbols, and they are valued less than the harp symbols for some reason. Sticky wilds are entertaining, but they aren’t really useful if there aren’t any multipliers involved.

While having options is always nice, TrueLab could have had greater success with Siren Song if they had focused on just one outstanding feature. High-stakes gamblers feeding Siren Song €50 each have no more than 600x the bet to look forward to, thus better potential on bigger bets would have been helpful. Thus, Siren Song is yet another strange entry in the annals of TrueLab. Okay, the atmosphere is definitely unique, but after taking a glance inside, we weren’t exactly blown away.






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